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The so-called "New Korean Films" being shown at the Roxie tonight aren't new just for being recently made. Collectively, they're also a window into what's next from Korean filmmakers. In partnership with the Seoul-based Korea National University of Arts, curator Jee Yeon Min gathers a handful of short films by skilled and sensitive young directors who've already been lauded at various international film festivals. Together they humanely examine family structures, chance encounters, and the telling contrasts between childhood and old age, between whimsy and wistfulness. In Yoon Ga-eun's Sprout, a young girl gets lost in search of bean sprouts for her grandfather's ancestral offering; she finds something else instead. In Ko Hyung-dong's When September Ends, tensions mount between architecture students as one of their floor plans goes missing just prior to a contest deadline. As for director Zoo-Young Lee's On the Other Side of You, maybe the official synopsis is more telling than any actual plot summary, and more indicative of this evening's overall theme: "Failures and happy endings come and go. Youth is the time to smile and cry."

Thu., Jan. 16, 7 p.m., 2014

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