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Gitmo Stew



K-Stew a la Gitmo has an ear-catching if somewhat indelicate ring, like some earthy Cajun specialty with famously secret ingredients — or just a glib thing to say in cautious anticipation of the new film Camp X-Ray, with Kristen Stewart as a Guantánamo guard who befriends a long-term detainee, played by Peyman Mooadi. Certainly an epic culture clash is suggested by staging a duet between the Twilight topliner and the star of the rightfully Oscar-winning 2011 Iranian drama A Separation. Also there's just the exciting sense of both actors seeing and seizing an opportunity. Will it be a revelation or a disaster? Sundance-goers already have weighed in, and now you can, too, thanks to the fun buzz-building PR push by which some of that festival's premieres trickle into pop-up showings at Sundance cinemas throughout the country, including our very own Kabuki. Writer-director Peter Sattler will be in attendance and ready to take even your glibbest questions after the show.

Thu., Jan. 30, 7:15 p.m., 2014

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