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Library people are the best, sweetest people on Earth. They care about everyone, especially children, and if they ever stop getting really excited about helping people, they probably disappear in a puff of shush. For an example, check out the Park Branch Library's blog. In postings over the past year, while the library was closed for renovations, the staff got completely stoked about the following: new water pipes in the street outside, the removal of pigeon netting, restoration of the building's “historic windows,” plumbing for a water fountain (“We're always getting questions about where the nearest water fountains are and when the branch reopens we'll be able to say, 'Just downstairs!'”), and the fact that in August, construction crews found a child's painting and stuck it on a wall “to brighten their day!” As you can tell, there's no predicting exactly how pumped the staff may get during the Park Branch Reopening party. The place has “shelving appropriate to each collection” and more stroller parking, man! Seriously, the Park Branch is a Neo-Classical beauty queen of a monument to universal edification; it's now LEED Silver-certified and its ADA ramps are up to code; we can see how this could make a person feel a little fizzy.
Sat., Feb. 26, 1 p.m., 2011

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