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Remembering Our Camelot

As the Gavin Newsom-Kimberly Guilfoyle romance ends, we look back at five years of glory


Sometime soon, the divorce of Mayor Gavin Newsom and Kimberly Guilfoyle -- postponed recently due to unspecified "legal issues" -- will at last be finalized, and thus will end the saga of San Francisco's Camelot couple, provided the lawyers can sort out whose eyeliner is whose. It will be a sad day for the city, swept up as we were in the five-year romance of Gamberly that unfolded in both the society pages and the political columns (and even occasionally in Matier & Ross). Today, we cast our eye back at those five years. However you feel about the divorce, no matter whose side you take, there's no denying one thing: Throughout it all, in love and out, Gavin and Kimberly were always perfect dolls.

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