Video: Street Eaters Make Their Own Eerie Video for the Pummeling "Empty Rooms"


Street Eaters perform Aug. 14 at Hemlock Tavern.
  • Street Eaters perform Aug. 14 at Hemlock Tavern.

Berkeley duo Street Eaters define themselves as a "truewave/punk" band. What "truewave" means, exactly, we can only infer -- but "Empty Rooms," for which bassist/guitarist John No and drummer Megan March just made their own video, is some seriously ear-exploding, vein-snapping punk rock. The guitars are a deathly rumble; the shared vocals are never less than strained, and the drumming is hyperactive. It's a scuzzy, frantic, fearsome three minutes of song. The accompanying video, out today, sets this sonic bombardment to scenes of the Berkeley shore in the daytime and a dim studio filled with eerie images -- a fitting sort of light/dark binary for a song that employs a stop/start, almost Jekyll/Hyde dynamic. Watch the video for "Empty Rooms" below, stream their entire new album Blood::Muscles::Bones below, and catch Street Eaters Aug. 14 at Hemlock Tavern in a free show with No Babies.

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